The youngster was somewhat lighter in bone than the winner but also had a lovely head and expression. Bite was correct, feet very strong, a good ridge and he had a lovely level topline. I would prefer to see more depth and width in the chest area.

Judge: Linda Costa (Sarula RRs)
RRCSA championship show 2016


Red wheaten of more compact frame than previous winners of
this class. Masculine head of equal planes, dark round eye, flat scull,. Clean neck onto good
shoulder straight strong limbs, deep chest with enough length to ribbing and croup, tail set ok.
Good rear angles with hocks well let down. Moved out well.

Judge: Gill Lawless - Faahac RRs UK
RRCSA Champ show March 2018


Almazart Cool Your Jets (AI)

Sabre lives with our friends Ron, Heather and Daveron. He is starting his show carrier at 2.5 years of age and will be shown sparingly.

Sabre at 2.5 years of age first time in the show ring since he was a baby.

Above Sabre at 2 years old

Sabre at 7 months.

Above photo of Sabre at 12 weeks.

maudeSabre at 8 weeks

Date of Birth : 4th October 2015
Sire : Ch Rex Ventors Rare Edition ET (imp Swd)
Dam : Ch Almazart Bright Shadow
Hips : TBA
Elbows : TBA
DM test : TBA
Color : red wheaten


Almazart Cool Your Jets (AI)

Ch Rex Ventors Rare Edition ET (Imp Swe)

Swd Ch African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill (Swe)

Ridgebow's Hogan Heart Of Akeron (Swe)


Karyamba's Bonnie (Swe)
Swd Ch V Ch Rex Ventors Limited Edition (Swe)

Rex Ventors Hero To Evergrace (Swe)

Chipangali's Kadani

Rex Ventors Daquila

Nyassa Legacy (Swe)


CH Almazart Bright Shadow

Aust CH Usakose HighwayTo Heaven

Am/Int Ch Rajataru Sir Seren Duley (Imp USA) Am Ch Ridgelea Rajput Agnikant
Am Ch Rajataru Kalyan JC
Aust Ch Usakose Secret Kiss Aust Gr Ch Caprivi Cool Hand Luke
Aust Ch Usakose Success ByDesign (AI)

Sherlidge Haute Couture
Ch Shelridge Haute Couture

CH Balnacoin Kelton
CH Balnacoin Kelton

CH Dinizulu Kushinda
CH Dinizulu Kushinda
Balnacoin Burnt Toffee
CH Balnacoin Burnt Toffee ET
CH Ozrhode Divine Mystique
CH Ozrhode Divine Mystique
(Imp USA

Grand CH Ozrhode Ari Mystic Gypsy ET
Grand CH Ozrhode Ari Mystic Gypsy ET