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Photos 2015-2016..

Cheg Norka and pregnant Tyra Cheg dogs sleeping Tyra and Norka Latifa Shakira Latifa Sabre and Dav Tyra and Norkatwo brown noses Cheg and Flare


Tyra *Almazart Bright Shadow*

Tyra Tyra Tyra Tyra Tyra Tyra Tyra Tyra Tyra

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Litter 2 (Shakira x Khama), born 21 February 2012

Shakira with her second puppies Shakira's 2nd litter Shakira's 2nd Litter Shakira's 2nd Litter Shakira's 2nd Litter litter 2 Miss White litter 2 Mac litter 2 Chazer puppies play litter 2 puppies play miss White Tyra puppies litter 2 puppies litter 2 puppies litter 2 seven weeks old puppies 7 weeks old puppies and the birdpuupies dinner timepuppies dinner time feeding a puppy Mr Brown Reg in his new home Chazer and Tyra at home Tyra and Chazer chazer abby Rufus Niky Chanel Maggy Milo Milly Luka Luka Luka Luka Mac Mac Luka Khata and Lara Sally and Ela at 10 months old

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Cooper *Ch Balnacoin Kelton*

Cooper at free standCooper front best in show Cooper wins  Cooper ridge Cooper BIG 4 at Autumn International show little Cooper Cooper free stack baby CooperCooper at walk  Cooper october 2007 Cooper running Cooper night walk Cooper 11 weeks Cooper in the hills  Cooper at the Brisbane national cooper at the national 2006 Cooper at the ocean  Cooper Show trot Cooper headCooper ridge to page top

Shakira *Ch Shelridge Haute Couture*

Shakira 6 years shakira 3 and a half yearsshakira in the grassShakira restingNovember 2008shakira october 2008shakira and Iliashakira huntingclub show 2008shakira September 2008nightwatch shakira todayshakira having fun shakira 16 months Shakira 12 months shakira junior Shakira 1 year old show trainingyoung Shakira Shakira 8 months beautiful Shakira at 14 months Shakira's beautiful head shakira 19 monthsshakira 14 m head Shakira club show 2007 at the showring shakira 5 monthsshakira 5 months Shakira head baby ShakiraShakira puppyShakira show training Shakira show training Shakira puppy new collar Shakira and the swimming pool shakira puppy Shakira puppy Shakira Shakira 8 weeks old shakira after swimmingshakira as a puppy to page top

Fun Photos

Tyra my ridgebacks Tyra and Norka Tyra and Norka Tyra and Norka Tyra and Norka Norka and Shakira NorkaShakira February 2009Cooper & Shakira November 2008waiting for the showsmilein the hills Cooper with his mum Ashiki cooper and crofter cooper and shakira's mum Misty Halls Gapcooper 2006 shakira and cooperShakira and echidna playing together fatherhood fatherhoodfatherhood